Stickbulb Custom


Stickbulb Custom is made for play. Our collection of wooden bulbs in varying lengths and materials is like a large-scale Erector Set, ready to be configured to suit any space at any scale. Stickbulb collaborates with architects, designers, and clients on site-specific, custom design concepts that meet project themes, requirements, and overall budget. We can develop drawing concepts to suit a space (drafting fees may apply), or work with the ideas of architects, designers, or clients.

Pricing for custom fixtures depends upon size, material, complexity, and the specific needs of each project and installation. We are cognizant of budgetary constraints often found in large scale commercial projects, and can work closely with each client to ensure that a custom piece will be made as efficiently, and beautifully, as possible.

For further information please contact us at or (347) 460 2852